From  medical science to dangerous marketing ?
The experience necessary for practitioners

While better public information on the different existing dental solutions is laudable, we can nevertheless cautiously observe Nobel Biocare ‘s public information . In fact , the site, entirely devoted to the general public, presents the insertion of implants as a simple, routine operation. Placed under the  banner of the dazzling Olympic swimmer  Inge de Bruijn (who moreover only shows veneers ),
 this site functions in accordance with marketing techniques tested in other sectors –arousing desire in the “end user”  so that he alone makes the decision before having to see a dentist. Although  it is legitimate to want to rediscover a lovely smile or  a more comfortable mouth the specialist’s well-informed opinion should not be undervalued  and he  should not find himself in the situation of just carrying out the procedure.

Because naturally,  dental implantology is not something you can just do like that.
Dental surgeons who want to practice this, must acquire the necessary skills. Of course, Nobel Biocare offers exactly this : “ Interest patients that you never thought of. Just click on the links below to discover new opportunities to increase your practice’s income. “As for the method it is  the fastest possible since  training courses which are all available online on the Nobel Biocare website ;each only lasts one or two days and costs between 900 and 2200 euros. It  is worth noting that the introductory courses in the NobelGuide Ô  program are free.

NobelGuideÔ  is presented by Nobel Biocare as “minimally invasive guided surgical protocols (etc.) There are a number of exceptionally versatile options which are adapted to the needs of each surgery. NobelGuideÔ   helps reduce the time in the dentist’ s chair and length of treatment for more profitable work. (etc.) The patients are reassured by being cared for by their own dentist. “

This last sentence reminds us of the dark hours of plastic surgery practiced by barely qualified or unqualified doctors.

It is also worth noting that these advertising campaigns are in direct descent from those campaigns with which Nobel Biocare flooded all the specialized European press ten years ago. These were even more overt about the opportunities for profit which dentists might hope for (there was a direct allusion to being able to buy a red Italian sports car) and how technically simple it was to insert  implants(presented as easier than learning to ski)!


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With direct communication with patients and a basic rapidly completed training, we are far from the best foundation for the practice of dental implantology, which is the presence of an experienced practitioner.