- March 23th,2009

Trial of TGI in Paris on 12 January 2009 : A confirmation ?

The ruling dated 5th February 2007 in the case of the Drs. Bert and Leclercq against the firm Nobel Biocare– analysed on this site- stated not only that Nobel Biocare had refused to admit that certain products distributed by its branch Stéri-Oss might have displayed some imperfections, which might have been quite simple for the American-Swiss company given that these failings had occurred before that company had been bought up, but also that it was bearing an edifying witness on how the industrialist felt convinced of how well-founded his behaviour was and how much contempt he had for the practitioners and patients who might have fallen victims of those failings.

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- March 20th, 2009

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FOCUS/Nobel Biocare: shares at bottom of the table after the figures T3
Nobel Biocare's profits have dropped by a third
FOCUS/Nobel Biocare strong decline after bad results

- March 15th, 2009

Since its posting, nearly 220,000 visitors, from 170 countries, have visited our site. Our site now offers an excellent visibility as 35 million inserted advertisements.

- July 9th, 2008

Courts of the action Nobel Biocare: 31 CHF 31 CHF

See: Romandie

-July 4th, 2008

The site exceeded 17 million shown advertising inserts

- May 19th, 2008

Opening of the new chapter "Procera a new risk"

- March 18th, 2008

Nobel Biocare stock exchange title continues to fall. On March 17th, the action was 232 CHF in Zurich, what correspondes to a fall of 49 % in one year, the value of the title returned to his February, 2005 level.

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As such, it is interesting to note that was evoked in certain stock-exchange forums.

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- March 17th, 2008

Nobel Biocare announced on March 3rd the launch of a new software for Nobel Bioguide in Germany
See : Romandie

It is undoubtly consecutive with the procedure actualy in appeal in Dusseldorf Court .

- March 14th, 2008

Nobel Biocare has just acquired Alpha Biotech
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- January 15th, 2008

The recent problems of Nobel Biocare in Sweden don’t help the stock exchange share price of the Swiss implants manufacturer. Indeed, the share price felt of 10,48 %  in the week. This decline follows a quite difficult 2007 year of Nobel Biocare stock exchange quotes : two figures: 04/10/07 NB Share price: 453,75 CHF. 01/07/08 NB Share price : 266,5 CH, as two years ago (01/04/06 : 265 CHF)

- January 13th, 2008

Gloomy forecast for Nobel Direct after three years
The Sahlgrenska Academy, wich is the health science faculty of Göteborg University, published, at the end of december, the report of a follow-up by researchers on patients who were among the first to get the Nobel Direct implant. "We have followed up 48 patients. For each passing year, we have been able to see how the problems related to these implants have grown more and more," observes Pär-Olov Östman, a dentist who will be presented the study. The report indicates that after three years, eight per cent of the implants had been lost, and 25 per cent of the remaining implants showed bone loss of more than three millimetres

- January 9th, 2008

Happy NewYear 2008 ! All’s team wishes you all the best for this new year. Wishes of happiness and success to everybody. Wishes of a more intense animation of the debate we launched. Wishes of more and more transparency in the practice of dental implantology. And, finally, wishes of awareness on behalf of all the implantology actors that the only goal is the satisfaction of the patients. Let us keeping this aim in mind, all year long.

- December 18th, 2007

the judgment of the County court of Paris is available Here

- December 15th, 2007

In an interview given to the German newspaper NZZ am Sonntag, Domenico Scala, CEO of Nobel Biocare implicitly recognized the drifts of communication and marketing during the previous years. Indeed, he declared to wish « to drop by a tone in Nobel marketing policy’s and  deliver messages formulated in a lighter way ». He also specified that  Nobel Biocare would recommand to the practitioners that the treatment decision is on their own responsability. He finally added that the new Nobel Biocare products would be more controlled before their commercial launches ».
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- December 11th, 2007

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- December 10th, 2007

To follow numerous demands from our foreign visitors, the judgment of the County court of Paris is going to be proposed in English, next week.

- Octobre 23th, 2007

Facing the increasing traffic of this website and in a will of transparency,’s team is now allowing you to note its success and the origin of its visitors. We thus propose you two tools of information which testify the strength of the debate that we wished to launch.

Trafic of Download
Trafic of Download

- October 5th, 2007

By launching the debate on the drifts of the dental implantology, this Internet site wanted to be a watchtower for all, experts and patients

This objective is now performed. In two months, you were about 5000, from more than 100 countries to visit

All the team wishes to thank you as all those who intervened on dental discussion forums’ to relay our website and to take part in the reflexion about dental implantology evolution.

Facing this general awareness, will evolve while denouncing other ominous practices for the dental implantology.

- Septembre 01st, 2007

Héliane Canepa, CEO of Nobel Biocare was replaced, as from September 1st, by Domenico Scala, age 42. Without doubt, the new boss of Nobel Biocare is going to pursue Mrs Canepa's development policy. We note that Mister Scala exercised previously the functions of financial director of Syngenta, world leader of the agro-industry.

- August 14th, 2007

The District Court of Dusseldorf ruled on 14th August 2007 that Nobel Biocare is infringing a Materialise patent, by unauthorized using a method for producing guides for dental implant surgery. The judges noticed that, under the naming NobelGuide, Nobel Biocare proposed the copy of SurgiGuide marketed by Materialise, agent of the European patent of this product since April, 1994. Nobel Biocare ordered by Court tostop offering NobelGuide drilling templates in Germany.