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Trial of TGI in Paris on 12 January 2008 :
A confirmation ?

This is an alert site for all those who are concerned by the decline in standards of a supposedly comfortable medical practice, which is presented as self -explanatory, and is sometimes to the detriment of the patient’s health and often to the detriment of any medical ethics.

 After the unanimously condemned decline in standards of plastic surgery, a new danger lies in wait for everyone concerned (manufacturers, dentists, patients, public authorities) about one branch of dental practice- dental implantology.

 Wanting beautiful teeth and repairing what has been spoiled by time and accidents, is a legitimate goal. Wanting to take advantage of modern state-of-the-art technology is also a legitimate goal, especially when this offers comfortable, safe, and permanent solutions.

The aim of dental implantology is offering to put in place of uncomfortable and impermanent moveable devices, or in place of bridges, technical solutions that transform the life of the patient.

This is a science that needs specific know-how and tested, guaranteed safe materials.

This is because we cannot put just anything, no matter what into people’s mouths.

Victims of fashion, motivated by the lure of money and keen for profits in triple figures, are some of the people involved in this chain of events, which leads to their inserting implants, untroubled by any scruple and who consider that patient health is above all a marketing pitch, which allows the most flagrant disregard of basic rules of health safety.
The aim of this site is to condemn, with supporting evidence, the irresponsibility of some companies and to draw everyone’s attention to the vigilance necessary faced with this decline in standards.